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Customized equipment for food, medical and health industry



We was founded in 1965, specializing itself in transformation and manipulation of Stainless Steel and develops solutions for industry and home equipment. We use a noble material, resistant to corrosion and of long duration which allows us to offer high quality products.

We present some projects examples carried out for the industrial sector. We work in collaboration with our clients to make products that bring solutions to their needs. Service and Professionalism are the core values on which our daily activity is based.


Our logistics platform Loginox is provided with the last technological advances which allows us to dispose of an important operative capacity and to offer a guaranted highest quality service.

Quality commitment

All our products meet our clients’ requirements. Our production process is ISO 9001 certified.


We propose a wide range of finishing: industrial, pickling or electro-polishing. All the finishings are carried out within our facilities, with our last technology equipments and through environment friendly processes.

 Food Industry

According to the strict regulations concerning hygiene, quality and resistance, we make products for different food industry sectors. We develop articles for meat industry, poultry industry, cattle industry, beekeeping…

Canning Industry

Hygiene and Sustainability are stainless steel principal characteristics. We transform and adapt it to elaborate components for boiling, salting, smoking, etc. so necessary processes in the canning industry.

Catering Sector

We develop and make a wide range of products intented for the Catering sector. Articles intented for distributors and machinery manufacturers for the Catering sector like frying baskets, pastas baskets, coffee machine grills, barbecue grills… gastronorm grills, oven tray slides…


We have a line dedicated to collectivities with more than 150 products dedicated to industrial use. We make every products according to our clients’ needs, like plate rack, glass rack, sink baskets, sanitary accessories,…

Hospital and Laboratory Sector

We use stainless steel to offer products that adapt and follow the strict regulations of hygiene. Suitable products for the sterilization, with a perfectly finished thanks to the use of the electro-polishing technology. We make all kinds of articles intented for the Hospital and laboratory sector: supports for urinal pot washing, sterilization baskets, baskets and autoclaves slides…