Our patented system, Instalpress Firepress, consists of piping accessories and pre-fabricated modules, owned by FILINOX, SA, and designed for fire protection water system applications in accordance with standards:

  • CEA 4001:2009 “Sprinkler systems. Design and installation.”
  • UNE-EN 12845:2005+A2:2010 “Fixed fire control systems. Automatic sprinkler systems. Design, installation and maintenance.”
  • Technical building code in the basic fire control document. CTE DB SI4.
  • Fire Protection Installations Regulation, approved by Royal Decree 1942/1993, 5 November and complimentary dispositions.
  • Approval Standard Class Number 1920 of FM Approvals.

The Instalpress Firepress system is certified by:

  • VdS for Instalpress STEEL pressfittings from Ø22 to Ø76,1, both included.
  • FM Approvals for Instalpress STEEL pressfittings from Ø22 to Ø54 and for Instalpress INOX pressfittings from Ø22 to Ø108,0.

System description:

  • Instalpress thin-walled and longitudinally welded E-220 unalloyed steel pipe galvanized according to the EN10305-3 standard.
  • Accessory galvanized with EPDM joint according to the EN 681-1 and EN 681-2 standards.
  • Pressure < 12 bar (90ºC).
  • Temperature -10ºC <> + 90ºC, supporting temperature peaks of up to 110ºC.


  1. Installations with closed outlets (sprinklers) for wet, dry and prior action systems.
  2. Installations with open outlets (sprayed water).
  3. BIES networks.


  • Our Instalpress Steel pipe is not necessary to do any treatment – neither grooving nor threading- at the ends. Therefore, when the pipe is cut on site to change the length of the section it is not necessary to have any extra equipment for threading or grooving or to lengthen preparation times because our modules are always connectable to any pressing accessory, maintaining a smooth finish at both ends.
  • The tube is galvanised on the outside or inside and the welding is polished in order to guarantee a perfectly sealed surface, as required by the EN10305-3 standard.
  • An EPDM elastomer with contour is used to seal the joint. The expansion joint is indissoluble with durable sealing.