We seek harmony by combining design with technology to achieve wellness

What Flexinox Pool doesWe create, design and manufacture

We create, design and manufacture a wide range of stainless steel products for pools, spas and wellness centres, such as ladders, rails, showers, pool cover winding systems, cascades fountains and cannons. These products are characterised by their high quality finish, precision in details and exquisite materials which make them resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Qué hacemos

Our products are completed by lighting, HVAC and pool wall system elements. We specialise in pools with salt water chlorination systems.

Flexinox Pool products guarantee an exclusive experience in terms of harmony and wellness.

Description of the Flexinox Pool products


Resistance and durability: made entirely from stainless steel.


High corrosion resistance: products specially designed for salt water pools.


Commitment and responsibility:  designs that make pools accessible to everyone.


A consolidated background in the pools sector: more than 50 years dedicated to serving our clients.