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Stainless steel accessories

Stainless steel accessories by division

All of our stainless steel accessories for fittings are high-quality, durable products that are used in a wide range of applications across different industries.

As a group, we are leaders in the design and manufacture of these accessories, offering customized solutions for swimming pools, pressfitting systems, boilermaking, screws and other sectors and industries.

Our swimming pool products are designed to guarantee a long useful life in corrosive and humid environments, with a high level of resistance to corrosion and wear. Likewise, our stainless steel Pressfitting systems are easy to install and offer excellent resistance in terms of channeling fluids, both for fire-fighting systems, such as pipes for drinking water, corrosive fluids or gas pipes.

In the field of boilermaking and other stainless steel accessories for the industry, at Filinox we strive to offer high-quality custom-made products that meet the highest standards. In addition, we have a wide range of stainless steel fastener products to suit various applications and environments.

All our stainless steel products are essential for all types of industries and Filinox is a leading company in their design and manufacture.

We offer customized solutions for swimming pools, pressfitting systems, boilermaking, screws and other sectors, always guaranteeing the highest quality and durability in our products.

Our divisions

Press fitting systems

stainless steel accessories for pressfitting

Pressfitting accessories, tubes, clamps, valves, threaded accessories, fire-fighting accessories, among others.

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Stainless steel accessories for swimming pools

fabricante de accesorios para piscinas de acero inoxidable

Stairs, water games, waterfalls, handrails, showers, loungers, reels, competition equipment, among others.

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Stainless steel accessories for industries

accessories for stainless steel industries

Racks, trays, baskets, shelves, tray carts, molds, hooks, racks, among others.

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Accessories for heat treatment systems and stainless steel boilermaking

stainless steel accessories for oven

Elements and tools for vitreous enameling (enameling): radiant tubes, grills, hooks, frame assembly, plates, bars, braces, deflector plates, among others.

Heat treatment elements and tools: muffles, radiant tubes, pressure vessels, among others.

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Stainless steel screws and fixing elements

fixing elements and stainless steel screws

Standard and custom screws, nuts, washers, threaded rod, among others.

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