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About us

Stainless steel solutions.

Filinox and Torbesa specialises in designing and manufacturing stainless steel products. We have been operating in this market for more than 50 years. Our company is committed to contributing know-how and experience with a view to providing the most appropriate technical solutions. Our advanced logistics allow us to incorporate a flexible and integrated service into the value chain of our customers.

Our best known brandnames are Filinox, Flexinox, Filtube, Filpress, Instalpress, TorbesaTurinox and Otabarri.

We provide customised solutions and a wide range of products which are mostly targeted at industry, the services sector and household products, divided into 6 divisions:

Cascada Cayman


Manufacturing and sale of pressfitting accessories and pipes made of stainless steel and carbon steel for the conduction of liquids and gases in heating and sanitary hot water installations, fire-fighting installations and industrial installations, among others.

Swimming Pool:

Design and construction of stainless steel accessories for public, private and wellness centre pools.

Anchoring parts:

We specialise in the design and manufacture of stainless steel anchoring parts, special parts made to order and we are leaders in the distribution of screws and standard anchoring parts.

Heating Treatment parts:

Design and manufacturing of the necessary refractory stainless steel products for heat treatment, enamelling, wire  and powder metal facilities, pressure vessels, muffles, radiant tubes, and other heating treatment parts.


Design and manufacture of stainless steel products for the food industry (smoked food, dairy food, precooked food,…), canning industry, meat industry, hotel, restaurant and catering sector, collectivities activities, public services, laboratories and hospitals.

Kitchen and Wardrobe accessories: 

Design, manufacture and sale of storage and classification solutions for the home, mainly for kitchen furniture and wardrobes.

In all the above services we offer customised solutions and personal technical advice, in addition to full after-sales support.