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INSTALPRESS Press Fitting System Technology

The press technique was developed in Scandinavia more than 50 years ago. For the last 40 years, stainless steel press systems have been used for domestic purposes in the Central European market. The Instalpress Pressfitting System includes system press accessories, system tubes and System O-rings. This fast, simple and safe connection system is a technical and economic alternative compared with glued, threaded or welded joints. Critical factors for guaranteeing the joint’s mechanical resistance are the pressing contour and the depth of insertion of the tubes inside the press accessory. An EPDM elastomer with contour is used to seal the joint. The press joint, which according to DVGW W 534, is indissoluble, of a lasting seal, is a joint by shape and longitudinal force, inseparable, which is achieved by cold-shaping of the press accessories and the tube. The joint is created using the press tool. The contour formed in the pressing process has two levels:

The first level, the sealing, is achieved by compressing the elastomer.

On the second level, in order to achieve the mechanical resistance necessary for this joint, the press accessories and the tube are cold-moulded in the second level.

Features and benefits of the Instalpress, Pressfitting System

Max. Pressure Service: 16 bar. Safety Factor: 4 (Accreditation tests at 64 bar) Fluid temperature: -10 °C to + 110 °C (EPDM joint) Oil temperature: -30 °C to + 180 °C (FKM/FPM/Viton joint)

Stainless Steel Instalpress System
The tube of the Stainless Steel Instalpress System is a fine wall tube welded lengthwise. The tube is made from light alloy Cr-Ni-Mo steel, austenitic, stainless steel with material no. 1.4404 (AISI 316 L) according to EN 10088. The tubes comply with EN 10312, EN 10217 and DVGW GW 541 requirements. The internal and external surfaces are pure metal, and therefore free from tempering colours, are shiny and also free from corrosive and hygienically toxic substances. All the system’s tubes are tested and certified by DVGW. The series 1 tubes are supplied in 5-meter bars and the series 2 tubes (DVGW) are supplied in 6-meter bars.

The system’s accessories are made from light alloy Cr-Ni-Mo steel, austenitic, stainless, with material No. 1.4404 (AISI 316 L) according to EN 10088. The diameters of these accessories are manufactured in compliance with the EN 10312 and DVGW GW 541 specifications and supplied with EPDM O-rings, assembled.
Carbon Steel Instalpress System
The Carbon Steel Instalpress system’s tube is an E-220 non-alloy steel precision tube with material no. 1.0038, fine wall and welded lengthwise as stated in the DIN EN 10305-3 standard. Non-alloy steel is characterised by its high grade of purity and low carbon content. The tube is galvanised on the outside (heating) or inside/outside (fire protection) and the welding is polished in order to guarantee a perfectly sealed surface. The Carbon Steel Instalpress tubes are supplied in 6-meter bars (EN 10217 and DVGW GW 541). The internal and external surfaces are pure metal, and are therefore free from tempering colours, are shiny and are also free from corrosive or hygienically harmful substances. All the system’s tubes are tested and certified by DVGW. The series 1 tubes are supplied in 5 meter bars. The series 2 tubes are supplied in 6 meter bars.

The Carbon Steel Instalpress accessories are made from E-235 +N non-alloy steel, material no. 1.0308 according to DIN EN 1305-2 and supplied in 12 mm to 108 mm dimensions. The galvanised zinc layer protects the accessory from external corrosion. The accessories are permanently marked with the manufacturer’s logo and the inscription “Zinc Plated”. The Carbon Steel Instalpress accessories are supplied with EPDM O-rings.

The STAINLESS STEEL Instalpress Pressfitting System with DVGW stainless steel tubes in its AISI-316 L variant, fitted with EPDM TIMO-70 joints, is perfectly compatible with:
  • Chemical disinfection treatments established by regulation according to RD865/2003.
  • Suitable for all treated water installations, from partially desalinated (decalcified) to totally desalinated (also deionised, demineralized and distilled) and including extra-pure water with < 0.1 mS/cm conductivity.
  • Does not contaminate drinking water with heavy metals and does not cause nickel allergy. The values are clearly maintained below the limits for nickel migration (according to the 98/83/CE Directive).

The Carbon Steel Instalpress Pressfitting System (E-220) is compliant with Decision No. 1537-175-1564 of 25 August 2010, corresponding to Technical evaluation n° 14/10-1564, from the CSTB Hydraulic and Sanitary Equipment Services, with the requirements of distribution and channelling systems and carbon steel fitting for closed refrigeration, heating and air conditioning circuits.

Note *1:
The galvanising may also have 2 sides (internal/external) given that, since zinc is less noble than iron and generates stable oxide, it protects the iron against oxidation. However, this type of material can only be used in water conduction tubes with temperatures not exceeding 50° C given that the polarity of the zinc is reversed with respect to the steel of the tube and corrodes.

Note *2:
The accessories have exterior surface finishing according to standard of 8 μ to 15 μm, while the surface finishing on the inside is a minimum of 2 μ, and practically null on contact with the fluid due to the tube insertions in the housing in the accessory intakes. This finish completely stops any possibility of corrosion due to polarity inversion.

Note *3:
Mixed installations can be made in closed cooling or heating circuits (stainless, carbon steel, even copper), in any order and with no restrictions, with no risk of galvanic corrosion on contact. For open circuits, the carbon steel cannot be joined directly to the stainless steel, non-ferrous accessories must be installed, which act as distance separators (bronze, copper, brass). In open galvanized steel and copper circuits, the rule of flow must be observed: the copper seen in the direction of flow must always be installed after the galvanized steel components.

Technical Information on O-Rings

Instalpress Pressfitting System Pressing
The Instalpress System pressing is carried out with pressing machines currently used in the market. They are formed by a pressing tool, “FTB” clamps (15-35) or “M” Profile loops and clamps (42-108) with adapters for stainless steel. However, the use of press loops is recommended for diameters of 42 up to 108. In the case of the Carbon Steel Instalpress System, “M” profile clamps are always used.